A hurricane-wedding launches Mass Match 10th year!

Mass Match launched it's 10th year by attending a Mass Match wedding on Sunday aka Irene-Day.

Bud and I were honored to attend a Mass Match wedding Sunday afternoon in Holyoke. Irene ebbed, the sun shone and the bride and groom were radiant.

Today the same road we would have taken to the wedding was closed from flooding. "...Nor wind, nor rain..." keeps a matchmaker from a wedding!

Inspiring Feedback

"Just completed month one at Sam's home in Holyoke. Fantastic! Wish I knew him so long ago. We are making up for lost time, and so very happy. Thank you for all your advice. Biggest advice hint for me was the 5 date rule. It was a struggle for me. I had to talk myself into being open to the risk of "letting" someone get to know me. It was me that had shut down to the idea of having anyone in my life to protect myself from being hurt again. Taking a leap of faith was the best gift I've ever given myself. Key word myself. Being good to me had to come from within. Thank you Lanie."
~Rachel now in Holyoke,

"Lanie, It was a pleasure to meet you, I enjoyed talking with you yesterday and was amazed at how you taught me about relationships in such a short period of time. I am impressed on how dedicated you are to your job and how much you have studied and researched on the relationship between men and women and other type of relationships as well."
~Larry Springfield, MA

Mass Match wins "Best in Valley 2011"

Thanks to all who voted!

Lanie Delphin offers her personal, private dating and matchmaking service as an affordable and secure alternative to Internet dating. "We're not about building virtual relationships," she says. "We're about building healthy relationships."

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WGBY TV interviews us for Connecting Point

"Lanie and Bud Delphin founder of the Mass Match local dating service will be joining us in studio on February 14th to give tips on finding the right person, do's & don'ts, and the difference between Mass Match and Internet dating."


A 2011 Baby on the Way - and we're off to another great year!

A client rushed up to me yesterday in a restaurant to tell me his wife was in the car but they wanted to thank me. They had just returned from the doctor and she is 3 months pregnant. Mass Match is sure off to a terrific 2011.

Another success story!

Hi Lanie,
I just wanted to let you know that Greg and I are going to be getting married in July of 2011. I wanted to thank you for introducing us.


Valentine Proposal

My young (30's) neighbor knocked on my door on Valentine''s Day to tell me her Mass Match fiance proposed to her that morning on top of Mt. Sugarloaf. That was the best gift I could receive for sure.

"Ringing" in the New Year!

What a way for Mass Match to begin 2010: "Joel and I wanted to let you know we got engaged this week and are very happy. My daughter, Carrie, is very happy as well. If it wasn't for you, we would never have met. Thank you so much for getting us together and keep up the good work! We will keep you updated on further developments."
Best Wishes, Sophie

Two weddings and an engagement Oct. 2009

What a month! This is the kind of news that never fails to give me goose-bumps!

One couple emailed: "Just wanted to let you know Gwen and I are getting married in a little over a week - As a matchmaker, can't get much more successful feedback than that!

Thanks for being the one that introduced us."
-Andy and Gwen (in their 40's)

Google and Mass Match

According to Google, "If you think about it, love is just another search problem."
Lanie and google, now there's a match!

Dance Northampton Couple of the Month

Dance Northampton is offering a free private dance lesson to a Mass Match couple of the Month.
The collaboration will be launched this month.
I will sure look forward to picking a lucky couple each month!
Learn about them on our Partner's Page.
Social dancing, so singles are most welcome.

New Year Thoughts for 2009

Dating Paradox
As a matchmaker, I am often asked what I have learned in my six years doing this business. Well, I've certainly learned a lot about human nature.

I have found that most of us are quite judgmental when it comes to folks we have never met, no matter how open we think we are. After all, we have nothing to go on but our own personal perceptions and projections and it is so easy to misunderstand . Try not to judge the macrocosm from the microcosm. Just because your last girlfriend who had blonde hair disliked your piano playing doesn't mean your future beloved can't have golden tresses, right?

We often don't seem to give each other a break but instead let our minds run ahead, analyzing every breath and word and misspelled word -- quick to rule each other out and I think Internet Dating has helped create a culture of dismissal and superficiality.
Many of us are actually quite curt when communicating on email or the phone -- that is our style or how we are used to conducting ourselves in business.

I've spoken to lots of clients on the phone or email who seem quite abrupt and intimidating and yet when I meet them in person they are sprawled all over their chair, as relaxed and friendly as can be. This was not the picture I had in my mind before I met them.

Might we have ruled out Will Smith or Julia Roberts if we had chatted beforehand? Or Nelson Mandela or Toni Morrison? You betcha. So take it from me, give people a chance. You will often be so pleasantly surprised.

But here's the rub---- and here is where it becomes complicated: when we do get in relationships, we can be too forgiving and not judgmental enough. I have heard stories of betrayal of affection, of physical and emotional abuse and money disappearing....and yet we stay in relationship, giving second chances and third... often because we see the good in the other person as well, and very often because of good old human inertia. The devil you know seems so much better than the devil you don't.

So here's the lesson I've learned form observation : give people a break and let them in the door if they seem upbeat, positive and see if chemistry is growing over 3-5 dates. But paradoxically, go slowly and use your head. Once you get in a relationship, it will be much harder to get out of it. Trust me. Serial monogamy is the modus operandi today----and that is because we tend to rush so we don't have to date anymore. Not too many of us love dating, but it is actually more efficient to go slowly so you don't have to do it again in 3 years.

New Year's Resolutions
Did you know that according to a recent issue of Health Magazine, only sixteen percent of those who are single are looking for a relationship? That's why striking up a conversation with someone appealing at the supermarket may not work for the long term. They might have no interest in a real relationship. Signing up with your local dating service, doing personal ads or even Internet Dating instead might be a great idea. These are folks who are saying they are ready to meet someone. Timing, as they say, is everything. Proactive people take charge of their lives and our culture provides very few good ways for people to meet on their own.

Remember you have to feel good about yourself to attract someone else. Might be time to join the gym, to work through your "stuff" in more ways than one. Read Manifest your Destiny by Wayne Dyer or the Secret by Byrne. Believe the universe will provide and then nudge it a bit.

Look for the person of integrity and kindness, who shares your values and some interests, who communicates when things go wrong and who has dealt proactively with any addiction or other negative personal issues.

Try not to sabotage yourself re their height, hair color, profession...and remember, a big bank account does not mean a generous heart and does not necessarily mean they are a person of integrity. All you have to do is read the newspapers to figure that one out.

I hope 2009 brings you your heart's desire. And lots of your own insights re your own human nature.

"Wanted to share that Mark and I were married this weekend. And this announcement and story appeared in the New York Times, with a mention of Mass Match!!
Thanks again for your part in our story!"


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