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Do you want to manifest a life long relationship?
Do you sense that the right person is out there
and you just don't know how to find them?

This coaching gives you new tools and ways of being to make the process of attracting a worthy prospective partner easier. Using ontological coaching as a basis, the work will examine a wide range of issues, attitudes, and obstacles that we place in our own path to discovery. Ontology looks at our way of being and our well being, helping us to shift our observing self so we can generate a whole new set of actions and results. Please see the attached sheet for testimonials.

◆ Discover new means to identify and assess a prospective partner without losing yourself

◆ Create conversations that give you the information you want to know.

◆ Use language and body dispositions for empowerment

◆ Become a better observer of your self and your potential mates

◆ Receive coaching on issues that concern you

◆ Work with Universal principles to stream line the attraction process

BEGINNING October 2008
For information or free introductory conversation Special:
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Margo's Story
My Soulmate Attraction Story by Margo Davis Hollander, Life Coach
At age 25 I faced a forced retirement. I had burned through men, clothes, clubs and lots of fast living. Life wasn't working and I was sick. Really sick.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The next four years of my life were dedicated to recovering from the debilitating symptoms of the virus. This became my "monastic" phase of life. One thing I got clear about was that I did not want God to send me a "soulmate" candidate until I was mature enough to wisely care for such a relationship, and awake enough to notice a great man when he stood in front of me. This did not happen overnight.

I had experienced plenty of drama and heartache in dysfunctional relationships trying to get men, who had little to offer, to nourish and cherish me. I also frequently walked away from great men who eventually seemed "boring". Boy, was I naive. And by now, thankfully, somewhat humble.

Instead of falling for the next guy I stuck to my plan. My monastic "recovery oriented" life came after the somewhat breathless pace of starting my own design business in college, living in Europe and attending graduate school in Manhattan. In my new quieter life, in a sleepy little village in northwestern Connecticut, I discovered the beauty of rural life and it's many rituals. On a daily basis, a dog and cat were my closest friends. As my body was healing from years of pushing too hard, so were my emotions and soul life. I was learning to become deeply comfortable with my own company and cultivate a more personally responsible sense of maturity.

During this time, I was given an audiotape by a friend that said, "Letter to God" on the case. The tape was all about how to create a written request letter to God and the Universe to attract a harmonious soulmate into one's life. After a year or more, I was almost ready to want a soul mate, so I worked on the letter over several weeks. Adding and subtracting characteristics of my future soulmate from time to time.

About this time, I had begun to have some notable improvement with my health. I was 29, and it was on February 14th of 1991 that I finished the letter. I had made my declaration to the Universe. "This Valentines' Day I would be happy that I was ready to receive a wonderful soulmate into my life." I attended two parties the weekend after I had finished my letter. Actually these were the only two parties I had gone to in 4 years! The second one was a Chinese New Year's party, and a lively spirit pervaded the event. Over the course of the evening I had a couple of conversations with a tall botanist named, Lawrence.

I did not sense that this kind, yet tall, dark and handsome man would be my soulmate. Actually, I thought to the contrary. I had heard about the Lawrence who gave wild parties at this house where the hip-about-town would gather. He told me he was in the process of starting a nightclub, selling macrobiotic pickles to the local health food store, as well as creating a series of erotic T-shirts from Japanese shunga prints. No longer my style!

At some point in our conversation, he mentioned that he had gone to Harvard and studied Ethnobotany. This intrigued me. I had always had a fantasy of studying indigenous cultures and their ways...and botany was my field of interest in the illustration work I did. But the rest of it, ugh! I went to bed early and had had my fill of playboys and club scenes.

We eventually had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I was explaining to him my theory about men. "There were the A-men who were ambitious and cultured and gave you crumbs, treating you badly, and then there were the B-men who were kind and had a lot to offer, which I ultimately bored of and left." His response turned my theory upside down, "What if there is a C-man?" meaning a man who was both smart and interesting as well as kind and generous of spirit. Was he suggesting that he was this kind of man?

I was a little intrigued. Lawrence had introduced the idea that there could be an interesting man who was also caring and conscious. In our conversations, I learned more about his stability and his nurturing nature. I asked God to help me release my judgments about this new man and I soon began to see him in a new light. Our next meeting was a walk at a nearby Audubon Sanctuary, followed by dinner at an Indian restaurant. We now refer to this evening as our "first date". Our mutual love of nature was soon apparent, and our friendship began to blossom.

I had begun to check my list of criteria for a soulmate. Was this fellow a potential candidate? Well, of the 35 or so items on my list he was a match, actually, for all but three. The non-matches were that he was:
1. Too tall, he was 6'5"
2. He was not a skier-Okay, I could live with that, I wasn't such a big skier anyway.
3. He was not currently immersed in a career that was satisfying

The first two were negotiable. Not deal breakers, but the career question was worth exploring further.

I can remember coming to dinner at his beautiful Berkshire home. He had prepared me this sumptuous vegetarian feast, complete with apple crisp for dessert. Once I knew Lawrence for a little while, I soon realized he was the Jewish grandmother I had always wanted. Very nurturing in so many ways. Then I saw him interact with his two beautiful red and white fluffy cats. I was moved and intimidated all at once. He was so tender with them. I had never witnessed that kind of tenderness in my life ever before... in my family or among friends. I was peering into a secret of life that I desperately wanted to know more about. The concept of receiving and being cherished and cherishing others. Love instead of something else.

My questions were pointed with Lawrence, as were his. At some point during that dinner Lawrence said to me, "so are you interested in a casual relationship?" My reply was clear, "No I am looking to meet the man I want to marry." Now, I was not thinking it was likely to be him. There still were all of these unsavory myths about him, which I did not like. Yet his goodness chipped away at my critical mind.

I have often wondered about what would have happened if I had not been specific about my goal of meeting my soulmate at that early juncture. Had I stated, "Sure, I wanted a casual relationship", would our relationship have progressed differently? Would we have not been so wise in each interaction in regard to building trust and honoring each other's boundaries? Would it have failed before it even got started?

Yet his career was still a question. So when he told me he had recently heard from Harvard University and would soon be required to complete his masters thesis or loose the opportunity to complete it-I saw a window of opportunity for "helping" this man to find a better path. Yet, I resisted. I had participated in too many codependent relationships where I would try to help the man with little to offer to become more stable so that he could eventually give something to me. I decided to tread lightly with Lawrence and his future career. And interestingly, over time he chose to complete his thesis and from that process was inspired to found a non-profit organization that would become his inspired livelihood for 13 years, a career that was satisfying.

We were engaged within the first 18 months of meeting, and married a year later. We attended a relationship workshop together 2 months after we began dating. We both knew that we wanted this to be different from other relationships that had failed to thrive. With many shared interests and many distinct differences we had to learn be committed to a common vision of our relationship.

We have been married for 16 years now, with two wonderful sons who are 7 and 10. Aside from integrity, and good will we have had to learn how to keep our sights on staying inside the box of love and appreciation, re-committing daily to return there when either of us drift into other states. As life coaches with a commitment to supporting individuals and couples in creating nourishing relationships, we are humbled daily watching our marriage serve as a workshop for personal and professional development.

Some key lessons I learned form this process;
1. Humbly, commit your criteria for a soulmate to paper.
2. Look at places in your life where you can dump your own baggage, or non-skillful habits and behaviors. Whichever character traits you wish your future soulmate to possess, you must also cultivate in yourself.
3. Learn to love yourself and receive.
4. Practice loving kindness with pets, friends, colleagues etc...
5. Create a field of generosity in your life.
6. Practice forgiveness for any former relationships that may be impinging your success in being free to cherish and be cherished.
7. Be patient and thank the Universe in advance for delivering your soulmate to you.
8. Practice Humility and Curiosity. We don't have to be right all of the time. Just curious.
9. Work with a coach if you can who can gently support you to confront your old patterns/beliefs about love that no longer serve you.

For more information about the Soulmate Attraction Process or to become part of our Soulmate Attraction Classes you can email us or visit our website:

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Mass Match Babies

I just got news this week of two Mass Match babies on the way.
That's as good as it gets!

Summer Wedding Bells

Ending our 6th year with a bell!
Jeff and Amber, married July 30.
This is the news I love to get!
"We owe you a debt of gratitude for your inspired match. Keep up the good work, and keep nudging people into happiness.
I can say, from the bottom of my heart, that you are actively making the world a better place.
We wish only good fortune on you and your clients. Everyone deserves to be this happy."

Also Welcoming Lesbians and Gays

We are not only for heterosexuals.
If you are or know of a lesbian or gay single, Mass Match welcomes you as well!
We welcome all singles!!!!!!!!!!

Dating tips for Women and Men

Email Lanie for the new Dating Tips for Women or Men if you don't have them and I will send them to you.

Dating Wise Blog

New technology and old- fashioned matchmaking. Quite a match. Bud came up with the title and it is perfect, don't you think?
I'm starting a blog on and sure hope it becomes interactive. With over half the adult population single for the first time in history, it is important for folks to have the tools for dating so they make healthy choices for themselves.

Mass Match Second Annual Singles Night with the Falcons

Friday April 11
-6:00-7:00 pm Shakagos Martini Bar, 23 Hampden Street, Springfield -- only $2 per person.

-7:30pm vs. Hartford Wolf Pack - MassMutual Center, Springfield, discount ticket $10.00
-Contact Chris Thompson at the Falcons office to order tickets:
(413) 739-3344 or

-Deadline to order tickets: Wed. April 9. 2008

Parking is only $2 in the Civic Center

PS There is inexpensive safe parking with a police presence at the Center

Valentine's Day Blues?

To me, Valentine's Day is a mixed bag and can be a set up by media hype for a day of misery, especially for single folks who would like to be in a relationship. Those who are single need to remember that for the first time in history over half the adult population is in the same boat as they are. And many married folks are not in healthy relationships, so it is best not to romanticize or sentimentalize about anyone else's situation. It would be a big mistake to rush into something just so you can receive candy and flowers, only to pay a huge price for them down the road.

So if you are single and reading this, then hopefully you did not make that mistake.
Here's the good news: You have the year ahead before you have to face V Day again. If you want to be in a healthy relationship, then take the necessary steps to meet new people. If you stay home, you might only meet the delivery folks -- and they are probably taken.

If you are feeling vulnerable, I hope you spend the day with friends and family -- the people who love you. Maybe do something special for someone else or yourself. As with any other time of stress, helping others gets your mind off yourself. Didn't Obama say that? It's win/win: Keeping yourself upbeat and positive, active and generous of spirit is what will attract others.

Even if you are dating, I would advise people who just started dating to make light of the whole notion of Valentin's Day. I sure hope if you fall into that category that you don't go overboard. I certainly hope there are no diamond purchases on your credit card. We tend to couple off too fast, long before we have time to determine if the person we are with really makes sense for us. Everyone should be putting their best foot forward, because as Cupid knows so well, positive energy attracts. Trust me I didn't let my husband see my dark side until way down the road. By going slowly and meeting and dating different people, we can use our heads and figure out which of their little quirks we learn about down the road are cute, which are merely annoying, and which dark sides are downright unacceptable. Over time we will figure out who makes the most sense for us. We all know that getting out of relationships is a lot harder than getting into them. So I would not put pressure on the dating life by adding Valentine's Day expectations to the mix. I would err on the side of going "under board" and not rushing.

Once you get in a good relationship, hopefully by next Valentine's Day, then celebrate if you choose. Celebrate, in fact, as many days and moments as you can. It is how you celebrate and live every day that counts, not giving too much meaning to one hyped-up occasion. Instead honor all the ways in which you give and receive love.

Didn't that wise old guy Confucius say that?

Wondering where to take a first date?

Looking for a fun, social atmosphere to spend time with your date? Look no further. We've hosted plenty of first, second, third, fourth.....dates, and we strive to make sure your experience at Spare Time Northampton is a memorable one. Utilizing our recently updated bowling center, we provide the ambience for a non-discriminatory activity in a warm and welcoming environment. With our full service bar and snack bar, we provide complimentary services for your dating experience. Call Eric today for more information @ 413-584-4830 or e-mail us at

Did you read about us on the front page of the Berkshire Eagle?

Did you read about us on the front page of the Berkshire Eagle? Also a great story in the Ledger...terrific coverage as Mass Match begins it's 6th year--once a week now I hear of another happy couple...and that makes me really happy.

Two young couples' first marriages and more...

Thought you should know Sally and I officially became Mr. and Mrs. Sheen July 28, 2007. Needless to say, we think you're the best!

This fall we had news of two young couples' first marriages and also a mid-life 2d marriage -- as well as a young lesbian couple moving to Boston together. What a way to start our 6th year!

New Director of Marketing and Sales...

Mass Match is delighted to welcome Vicky Applebee as our new Director of Marketing and Sales. Vicky is trained as a Certified Matchmaker from the Matchmaking Institute and is a member of the National Board of Certified Matchmakers. She is a graduate of Bay Path College and her background includes Business & Marketing Research. Vicky has been in a successful, happy marriage for over 15 years. She says that her "passionate hope" is to have more people in Western Mass be as lucky as I have been to find that special someone".

Mass Match has made TV!

Mass Match has made TV again!
Channel 22 News Jan. 08, and Look for us on Channel 3 News on Valentines Day 2008.
Inside edition Aug.7 touts me and the Parade Mag article. And a photo-journalist from the Hallmark Station came out on Father's Day from Boston a year ago to spend the day with Bud and me and one of our newly-together young couples.
We will be featured along with some others on their New Morning Show -- the date to be determined. The word is sure getting out! Oprah here we come.

New service offered...

We are excited to welcome our latest match: Jess Dods, Master Administrator of the MBTI (the most extensively used Personality Preferences Profile in the world). Jess will offer this optional service for increased self-awareness to Mass Matchers at a substantial discount. [Read More]

Mass Match having an exciting 7th year...

Mass Match is now beginning its 8th year. Besides the many weddings, engagements and couples beginning to explore relationships, we had four weddings last summer alone. What better news could there be for a matchmaker? Several marriages in the summer and fall and once a week now I get news of another happy couple.

But like most people, they were discouraged about dating at one time....hang in there with an open heart and remember that positive energy does attract!

"We had reached a point in our lives when dating opportunities were minimal and the traditional online dating services were disappointing and discouraging. Mass Match turned out to be the ideal way for us to meet. Lanie's matchmaking guidance was genuine and effective."

Peter and Sharon, Greenfield

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