Anne And Rich

Dear Lanie,
We are writing to thank you for bringing us together through Mass Match. It has been almost a year since we met, and each of our lives has changed dramatically. We have spent the last year seeing plays and movies, cooking together, traveling, and recently, thriving in quarantine. Now we can't imagine life without each other. We enjoy so much in common; we feel we are a perfect match! We have found it is possible to maintain previous connections in our individual lives while becoming partners in the true sense of the word. The work you do is more important than ever in the world we live in. Enclosed is a picture of us on our recent yoga retreat in Costa Rica. We feel it captures the essence of our relationship. Thanks for getting us together.

--Anne and Rich

Mass Match couple on the beach
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"You made a miracle happen in our lives. We are making our formal commitment to each other and exchanging rings on Saturday, December 13. We are sending you an invitation to our celebration in NYC on December 14. We would love to have you come and celebrate our joy with us."

With love, Anna and Harold

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