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Your privacy is important
The general public cannot "browse" your profile or photos like they can on most dating sites. In fact, only your matches get to see your information and photo.

We do not share your information with 3rd parties
Our forms require users to give us contact information. Contact information is used to get in touch with you. This contact information is not shared with any third parties.

Membership Terms

I certify that all responses I have given in Mass Match's registration process are true and correct. I understand that my entry in the system may be permanently removed if it can be shown that I have falsified any information.

I understand that Mass Match does not personally screen applicants i.e. do a CORI, nor always verify information provided. I agree to take normal precautions when "meeting" individuals through the Mass Match service. (But in doing this now for 15 years, Lanie has met just about everyone (most people choose the Meet the Matchmaker Plan) and we are getting great folks who are who they say they are. Happily, we haven't had any issues in our 15 years.)

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and single to become a member.

I understand that Mass Match is not a personals service. It is an exact matching service where both parties must have their needs met before a match can be declared. I am aware that if I have a history of unhealthy life choices or practices or if I report education lower than "some college", or have unrealistic expectations, I understand that it may take longer to find matches.

I understand that while Mass Match makes every effort to find matches for me, no refunds will be made, unless a Mass Match review process determines that one is merited.

I hereby represent that I have not been convicted of any crime involving moral conduct of a sexual nature or otherwise similar to stalking or harassment. Finally, I hereby indemnify and agree to hold Mass Match, its owners, its employees, harmless from any and all claims of damage whatsoever, resulting from any introduction.
Our Mission

I sure understood firsthand when I met Bud just how important Dating Services can be. While over half the adult population is single for the first time in history, there are not many good ways for compatible singles to meet. People have to do something to nudge the universe! I founded Mass Match because I wanted to help others find that special someone. Since then, the work has become a mission.

Hi Lanie, I saw your letter in the Republican and just wanted to thank you for providing the dating service that led me to Jack. Fifteen months after our first meeting (in which I was, actually, pretty much swept off my feet), we are so happy together, now living in a house we just purchased in Westfield. I agree with the author Joan Didion, whom you refer to, that "fate and luck" aren't what make a love affair work out. At 59, I know how much a role intentionality plays. Still, I feel lucky that you sent Jack my way. Best wishes,
Kathy, Westfield Ma
Hi Lanie, I wanted to follow-up with you on the outcome of a "match" that was made. I met Cheryl early on in the process and we had immediate chemistry. It has been a great time. We just recently got engaged and bought a home in Springfield. Things could not be better. Thanks for your service and help in finding Cheryl.
Will and Cheryl, Springfield Ma